Is there any software that you consider your secret weapon?

I have one. I wish it was a little bit better, but it’s close to being awesome, okay? It is called Dex, called Get, I think it’s It is a personal CRM to manage my network. And the reason why it’s way better than a LinkedIn where that’s like professional network.

It’s not like Salesforce, which is like, how do you sell shit? I’m not trying to close deals on my network, right? What I’m trying to do with my network is do things like spot when their LinkedIn title changes, not just their job, when what they write in the box changes. So get deck stores it, when those change, I see it. And I can go and like, look at it.

it does things like, um, which is like intelligent analytics on my network. Like, um, future founders is one of the searches I have. If somebody changes something about their titling to include stealth or any like, you know, stupid code word, it alerts me that they’re doing something new. And those are just the use cases off of LinkedIn. There’s a bunch of use cases off of my email, off of different, you know, different APIs that it’s pulling out of and it will auto remind me to email people. It’s just like a smart way to manage my network.

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