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The Forward-Looking Statements Episode

The Forward-Looking Statements Episode

It’s the time of year when Wall Street analysts take out their Ouija boards and attempt to divine the future.

There are a million reasons not to do this, ranging from “it’s a performative waste of time” to “it’s devil worship” depending on the particular method employed by the prognosticator.

So we prefer to make sense of what’s already happened. In this episode, we touch on:

  • What the rise of the adult content platform OnlyFans tells us about investment management.

  • Why pensions should employ a chief resilience officer.

  • Why so many organizations are “all talk” when it comes to diversity and inclusion.

And lots more! But I’ve got a cold at the moment, leaving me way too fatigued and sneezy to write them all out here. So you’ll need to listen to the episode to hear more, as well as Ashby’s answers to these three listener questions:

  • What's the most loco thing that happened this year that you forgot about until answering this question?

  • What dubiously plausible thing do you think could happen in 2021?

  • What would you say is the most amusing prediction of all time? 

Free Money
Free Money with Sloane and Ashby
Sloane Ortel and Ashby Monk explore what's holding the world back from investing in progress, answer the questions on the minds of people in the know, and deliver the Brooklyn-Bay Area consensus about institutional investing that you desperately crave.
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