Who are you?

There are two of us, and we both have weird names:

Sloane is the first voice you’ll hear on the podcast. She is the founder of Invest Vegan and a co-founder of the Woodcache Public Benefit Corporation. She is also a comedian and meme connoisseur.

Ashby is the second voice you’ll hear. He is a co-founder of KDX, a venture capital firm, and the executive director of the Stanford Research Initiative on Long-Term Investing.

We produce a podcast and occasionally post essays alongside each episode.

We also answer questions from listeners on every episode! Email us at freemoneypod@gmail.com if have something you’d like to ask. You can also just respond to any of the emails we send.

Where should I start?

Five Forces Fighting Free Money is our most recent summary episode and the best one to start with.

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